Recover a Domain Controller from failure

$Policy = New-WBPolicy
$Volume = Get-WBVolume -VolumePath F:
Add-WBVolume -Policy $Policy -Volume $Volume
Add-WBBareMetalRecovery $Policy
$BackupLocation = New-WBBackupTarget -VolumePath D:
Add-WBBackupTarget -Policy $Policy -Target $BackupLocation
Start-WBBackup -Policy $policy -Async
$BackupJob = Get-WBJob


In this scenario, you want to ensure that the domain controller can be restored if it will not boot due to a hardware or software failure. You can use a full bare-metal backup and the recovery media to restore the domain controller. A bare-metal backup is essential for protecting your system when your hardware or software fails. A bare-metal backup contains an image file of the system, including the operating system and all of its settings, and can be used to restore Windows system state settings. If your computer does not boot due to a hardware failure, then using a Windows system state backup to recover your system will require you to install an operating system on the replacement computer. A bare-metal restore will not. A restore of a bare-metal backup will restore the operating system and all of its settings. You should use the Add-WBBareMetalRecovery cmdlet to add a bare metal recovery to the policy.