MODX not saving

I tried to upgrade MODX to a recent release; from 2.2.14 – 2.3.1. I followed the official MODX upgrade/move site to another server doc – everything went well. However, when I would try to save a file on the new site it would hang during the save process. I tracked the save process using Firebug, Firebug reported errors:

  1. NetworkError: 404 Not Found
  2. NetworkError: 500 Internal Server Error
  3. uncaught exception: [obejct Object]

To allow the save I had to disable a plugin, in my case it was called “Version X” – which is a plugin to help track changes. Once I disabled that plugin in MODX manager, the saves worked.


Sever Specs:

IIS 7 / PHP 5.4.24