VMWare ESX 4.1, guest machine is not starting

I had trouble with a VMWare guest. When connected using the VM client, I could see the system listed but could not get to the settings or could not stop or start the machine. Using Vcenter I could not even see the system listed in the inventory. In order for me to gain access to the machine, I had to call tech support and follow the steps below

1.) /sbin/service mgmt-vmware restart (restart background services without effecting VM guests)
2.) if the system in question needs to be rebooted run “vmware-cmd -l” to get the id to use in command line to reboot the PC (see next step)
3.) vmware-cmd /vmfs/volumes/4cb35c19-64abea2a-9433-842b2b17fbf8/Windows7x64/Windows7x64.vmx stop (cold shutdown)
4.) vmware-cmd -s unregister /vmfs/volumes/4cb35c19-64abea2a-9433- 842b2b17fbf8/Windows7x64/Windows7x64.vmx (unregister)
5.) vmware-cmd -l (list registered systems)
6.) vm-support -x (worlds to debug, systems listed in the inventory)
7.) connect to vcenter and removed the system in question from inventory list not the data on the datastore
8.) browse the datastore, right click on the vmk file for the system and add the guest machine back to the inventory
9.) start the PC