Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 (RHEL 6): Install php-mbstring

In order to install php-mbstring you have to logon to and modify your default base channel (“Release Channels for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 for IA-32 “) to “RHEL Server Optional (v. 6 for 32-bit x86)”.

1.) logon to
2.) Systems (tab)
3.) Click on your server link
4.) Click on “Subscribed Channels (Alter Channel Subscriptions)”
5.) Put a checkmar on “RHEL Server Optional (v. 6 for 32-bit x86) (Channel Details)”
6.) To save the new subscription, click on “Change Subscriptions” button

This channel (“RHEL Server Optional (v. 6 for 32-bit x86)”) will have php-mbstring. Once you save the channel on the rhn site, go to your server and run in the terminal:

1.) rhn-profile-sync
2.) yum install php-mbstring

At the time of this post I downloaded an installed: php-mbstring.i686 0:5.3.2-6.el6_0.1

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